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*New studio for group classes to be announced asap.  
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 THE SPACE- St. Pete 

THE SPACE has actually "held space" for people seeking wholeness and wellness for over 20 years.  The upstairs hideaway is the oldest, continuous running yoga study in St. Petersburg, FL.  In the wake of the Covid onset, 3 individuals decided to join hands to keep this special place intact with yoga and other healing modalities, plus they went one step further!  Denise Glueck (Yoga Moves), Karla Hollan (PRiSM Wellness & Yoga) and Heather Graeme, (Therapeutic Massage Center) decided to form a Cooperative to allow the welcoming energy and beauty of THE SPACE to be instrumental to other teachers and leaders in body health and movement specialities.  

Yoga Child's Pose
Yoga Child's Pose


Embrace other teachers and professionals who need to share space with like minds, to grow and nurture their business while providing modalities of well-being

for their clients.

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Hold THE physical SPACE to offer a place for continued support and healing and the planting of seeds of physical and energetic healing for students and practitioners 

IMG_0456 4.HEIC